From Proto-Italic *serō, from Proto-Indo-European *ser- (“to bind, put together”).

Pronunciation: /ˈse.roː/, [ˈsɛ.roː]

Verb: serō (present infinitive serereperfect active seruīsupine sertum)

to join or bind together; plait, interweave, interlace, entwine.

(figuratively) I join, interweave, connect; combine, compose.


We are a group of dedicated artists that have found solace and clarity in the company of each other. Meeting by chance and working together over the years...and then not working together...and then working together again has shown us the value in staying close to each other. Each artist at Sero Tattoo Collective loves tattooing more than anything else in this world. We are dedicated to sharing great experiences and milestones with our clients, friends, and each other. The idea of Sero Tattoo was conceived together with friends wanting to have a quiet and peaceful place to come share what we do with others. You will find that we are not multi-taskers, we want to offer you the most in depth and focused session possible. We try only to focus on the tattoo we have at the time and live and work in the moment. Without ringing phones and loud and boisterous people, you certainly won't miss the "typical tattoo shop" feel. We are craftsmen focused on your tattoo and we appreciate you for sharing your experience with us. 


Our mission is to give you the most rewarding tattoo experience from consultation to completion. Please contact an artist and set up a consultation to meet us and visit our studio. 

What We've Achieved

 We have a fancy website and a pretty cool place to stars coming soon