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14 Oakland Park Ave

Columbus, Ohio 43214

If you would like to stop by our studio, please contact an artist to set up a consultation. We do not answer the phone at our studio to focus completely on our tattoos. You can contact your artist directly by the contact numbers and email addresses below. Please keep in mind the numbers below are the personal cellphone numbers of the artists that work in the studio, please be respectful when you're calling or texting. If you call or text an artist, please be patient with them if they do not answer -- they may be in the middle of a tattoo. We strive to give each client 100% of our time when they are getting tattooed and have minimal distractions. We promise we will give you the same kind of uninterrupted time. 

Matt - 614-364-3047  -  mattcarlisletattoo

Ben - 740-404-2859  -

Miller - 614-749-0219 -

Jay - 614-401-4470 -


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